• Image of Pastel geometric brooch 3

These unique brooches are created with pastel geometric forms. They are sewn together and then fixed onto a black backplate which creates a clean look on the back as well as the front. The whole pendant is fixed together with small machine screws.

It is made with hand cut copper sheet. It is completly freehand, so every single brooch is quite different, there are not two that are the same. The copper sheet has been powdercoated.

Powdercoating is an industrial technique in which a fine plastic powder is shot onto the surface of electrically charged metal then cured in an oven. This results in a colourful finish which is very durable at the same time.

Our circus line is loosely based on the forms of traditional jewellery, transformed to be simple and fun using repetitive shapes and bright colours. It is light, durable, and easy to wear. The bright colours are applied on copper sheet using powdercoating.

Most of our jewellery is available in a wide range of colours and colour combinations. If you are interested in something specific not currently available, please contact us.